About Us

Welcome to our tube production factory, where a harmonious blend of quality and innovation converge to manufacture exceptional tubes for a wide array of vehicles.

About Us

In 2016, recognizing the increasing demand for Tubes in India and abroad, Gripwell Rubber Pvt. Ltd. established a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for Butyl Inner Tubes in Shirur, Pune. Since its inception, our company has been dedicated to producing Butyl Inner Tubes for a wide range of Tyres, allowing the "Gripwell" brand to establish a distinct presence in the marketplace from day one.

Throughout our journey, we have prioritized quality management systems and product excellence. As a result, we obtained ISO certification and ISI marking by the Bureau of Indian Standards, ensuring adherence to rigorous quality standards and guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality products to our customers.


  • 2/3 Wheeler Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Passenger Car Butyl Inner Tubes (Radial & Bias)
  • Light Truck Butyl Inner Tubes (Radial & Bias)
  • Truck & Bus Butyl Inner Tubes (Radial & Bias)
  • Tractor Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Industrial & Farm Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Curing Bags.
  • Flaps.


The production of tubes involves multiple essential steps, including Mixing, Extrusion, Building, Curing, and Finishing. Each step in the production process necessitates specialized equipment and skilled workers to guarantee that the final product adheres to stringent quality standards.


The 'Gripwell' brand is supported by state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled workforce, enabling us to consistently produce high-quality products. We continuously upgrade our machinery and laboratory equipment to enhance the quality and precision of our offerings. Our facility spans over a 20,000 sq. ft area, allowing us to manufacture over 200,000 tubes per month.


We have established an extensive distribution network that covers the entirety of India, ensuring widespread availability of our products. As a rapidly growing company, our aspiration is to emerge as one of the top tube manufacturing companies within a short timeframe. We are dedicated to achieving this goal through our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Expanding our market reach, we are actively pursuing opportunities for exports. Discussions are already underway with trade partners in multiple countries, paving the way for our international expansion.


Regular in-process checks and ongoing technical upgrades ensure that our high-quality standards are consistently maintained. By adhering to these quality objectives, Gripwell Rubber Pvt Ltd has established itself as a trusted provider of superior products, gained a competitive edge in the market, and earned the loyalty of customers by consistently delivering high-performance, durable, and safe tubes.

Executive Director

Mr. Dayanand Tiwari

Dayanand Tiwari is a passionate leader with excellent communication skills and a proven track record of successful management. With a strong educational background, including being an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, he possesses extensive knowledge of Rubber Industry. As an inspiring and motivational leader, he excels in interpersonal skills and has a remarkable ability to develop companies under his guidance. Dayanand Tiwari is adept at driving performance improvement while delivering growth. With his vast managerial experience, he brings valuable expertise to any organization he leads.